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1958 8mm Film Movie
Bill Chase - Roger Sewell - Orrin Sewell - Mildred Chase - Mary Sewell - Kathy Sewell - Betty Chase - Rodney Sewell - Janey Sewell - John Orrin Chase - John LaVern Chase - Eugene Wilson - Evalyn Wilson - Linda Wilson - Rita Wilson - Eva Chase - John Alva Chase - Alva Chase - Mabel Chase - Patricia Chase - Marty Holum - Gerri Chase - George Johnson

1959 John Johnson's first year.

1960 Litchfield Evalyn & Gene, Eva & John Alva, Betty & Marty, John George, John O, Gerri, Linda Wilson, Watercade Beauty Queen Betty

1959 - 1962 Alva Mabel Pat Gerri Betty JohnO JohnL Mildred & more

1960 John George lawning the grass, Mildred & Johnny, Orrin & Louise Bloomingon

1962 8mm Film Movie free roaming bear in Canada

1963-Betty, John, Scott, John Mildred 25th Anniversary, Scott first birthday

1963 John George, John O, Gerri, Betty, George, John L, Mildred, Scott, Pat Chase wedding

1965 John O graduation, Scott first birthday

1966 John Mildred Orrin Louise Trip to Florida

1967 8mm Film Movie John Mildred in Canada

1967 8mm Film Movie John Mildred Alva Mabel Canada

1968 8mm Film Movie John Mildred Orrin Louise Florida

1971-Orrin Sewell harminica and dancing

1971-Mom and Dads Penn Ave home

1973-John Renee Penn Ave home